J&B Photography's Studio

J&B Photography renovated our studio in 2018. It is located in Murfreesboro, TN. While it is an in home studio, the entire upstairs is dedicated to making you feel comfortable, and at ease. The studio portion is located on the left side of the house with a couch and drink refreshments. There's also an attached restroom for anyone who needs it. As an added bonus, especially for those having newborn sessions, J&B Photography has an attached playroom to the right of the studio, equipped with plenty of toys, Netflix, Hulu, crayons, paper, and anything else you might need to entertain little ones! 

Below are a selection of our backdrops for studio sessions. Please note, these backdrops range in sizes, and some will not be large enough to accomdate families or older children. If you click on the photo, there will be a caption on the bottom left hand side of the photo, that will list the best age range for the specific backdrop. 

*Below are stock images from our supplier*

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