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J&B Photography renovated our studio in 2018. It is located in Murfreesboro, TN. While it is an in home studio, the upstairs is dedicated to making you feel comfortable, and at ease. The studio portion is located on the left side of the house with a couch and TV equipped with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Video.

There's also an attached restroom for anyone who needs it.

Looking to book a milestone and/or cake smash session session? Start here:

1st: Start with choosing your package from the lists below:


The Whole Kit and Caboodle - $499.99 + tax
 - 30 images (at least 35-40 to choose from)

- 30-60 minutes
- Immediate Family Included (if desired)

- 2 backdrops

Full Milestone Session - $349.99 + tax

- 20 images (at least 25-30 to choose your favorites from)
- 30-45 minutes
- One child Only

- 1 backdrops

Milestone Mini - $199.99+tax:
- 7 images (at least 10-15 to choose your top 7 favorites from)

- 20 minutes

- ONE child only

- One backdrop
- Print Release


  2nd: Choose your backdrop(s)

You can choose a custom backdrop for ordering if your theme is not available below. It it's an additional $75 fee to order a custom backdrop. 

Step 3: Choose a coordinating Cake (optional)

Coordinating Cakes are optional, as clients are welcome to bring their own cake. I personally find the coordinated ones through our local baker are the perfect size for cake smashing, and always perfectly coordinated to the theme. 

Cake Smashes are an add on at the cost of $35.00

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